If you thought websites were intrusive, say hello to smart stores and beacon tracking.

Beacons, custom mobile apps, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) appliances are easily accessible to retailers, such experiences will begin to show up in real life. Using smartphone signals, beacons, and BLE appliances, retailers can track a shopper’s location and measure appropriate metrics and patterns in browsing habits.

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In an effort to compete with Apple, Verizon Wireless will open “smart stores” across the country and one of the first will be in Tampa.

The shops are intended to show customers how they can use Verizon technology to enhance their lives. According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the stores will include “Lifestyle Zones,” where specialists can show customers how to use wireless gadgets, apps and other gear. Specific zones will focus on sports and fitness; music; video games; home security and energy management; and business.

Tampa Bay Business Journal

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We are all retail customers. By looking at the consumer centric world of retail, credit unions can learn a great deal about member attitudes toward customer service and transactional experiences. Although much of what’s changing in retail has to do with omnichannel shopping, the in-store experience is also evolving. Not surprisingly, technology is driving those changes as well.

“Both the retailer and the consumer are looking for sense of personal link,” explains Eduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at retail consulting group Motorola Solutions. “And it’s not necessarily going to be driven through the proprietor [as a person], but it’s going to be driven by technology providing the right data so they know who you are.”

Evolving technology creates what IBM Global Business Services Vice President Jill Pulieri calls “playgrounds for the millennial.” Her examples: smart mirrors that show what a dress might look like in another color, or smart hangers that show how many shoppers liked – or disliked – the garment at hand. It’s gathering and delivering information at warp-speed to create a new form of personalized service.

Meanwhile, “Every retail employee will become a knowledge worker,” says Luis Llamas, Director of Enterprise Innovations at Motorola. Retailers must ensure that customer-facing employees have the data they need to respond intelligently and provide experiences that are technology enabled.

See more at: http://www.cuinsight.com/smart-stores-and-knowledge-workers.html#sthash.ZzRCF92z.dpuf

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